National Optimal Health Day™

The #1 Event of 2017

September 27th, 2017 is National Optimal Health Day™ and it is going to be packed with value, fun, and health for everyone in attendance. This nationwide event is perfect for all members of the family (children, adults, seniors), and anyone looking to have a good old fashioned family oriented gathering, connect with like-minded people in the community, and enjoy healthy food and activities all with a universal theme of Getting America Healthy!

Make sure to sign up with at least a few of your friends and family members. You don’t want them to miss this awesome agenda for Wednesday, September 27th starting at 12:00 pm MDT:

Come join us for healthy dog BBQ
and all the trimmings
Tips for successful weight loss and
optimal health!
Rip 60 Demo
Drawings and Prizes
7pm Zoom with Dr A

Co-Founder of OPTAVIA™, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen (Dr. A) will be live streaming on Facebook at 6pm Pacific (9pm Eastern) with a message of health and hope.

Please save the location information which will also be sent upon registration:

Providence Gothealth
525 W 465 N #130
Providence, Utah, 84321

Preston Gothealth 6:30pm
34 South State
Preston, Idaho

National Optimal Health Day™ is going to be an experience that will stick with you for a lifetime and we are excited to celebrate everyone as our community is united to become one!

Our Mission

We are often asked WHY…

WHY are we having this event?
WHY are we so passionate about health?
WHY are we driven to share this message and get families together?

And our answer is simple and consistent, but requires all of us to work together for one common cause…

To Get America Healthy!

Let’s Get America Healthy so that our children, our children's children, and even ourselves are able to experience more out of life. Our health is our most precious asset and many people settle for mediocrity in this area of their lives, but what if we were to work together to change this story. What if we worked together to GET AMERICA HEALTHY?!

See You on Wednesday, September 27th Starting at 12:00 pm MDT